Monday, March 20, 2017

Gail and Friends

This is the beautiful Soft Secret color I mentioned in the first video. Our student, Miss Gail, made this afghan for a newborn. She also made one for Virginia 18 years ago--I will take a photo of it and add to this post when I can.  Anway, Gail had some help in completing the project.

Gail is now visiting another student and her family down in Australia.  I think Carolyn has had a baby recently. I don't know if the afghan is for her baby or not. I will ask.  Gail is having the time of her life. Just look at this picture!

Gail, Heather, and Carolyn were among the nicest of students.  They made my time there in Missouri so much fun. One of my classes was on the Civil War and Reconstruction Era.  
There was a gentleman in the class named "Mr. Fisher." Mr. Fisher was much older than I was, and he was auditing the course. He was what is known as an "arm chair historian," and he knew quite a bit about the war.  He would always correct me and interrupt with questions. I was losing my mind. One day, I asked him a question, thinking (HONESTLY!) that he would have a chance to shine and leave me alone. I had unwittingly happened upon probably the ONE thing he DIDN'T know. He said,
"I am just hear to listen and not to participate in discussions."  Everyone knew he had been caught
with something he did not know.
Hee hee
I didn't have any more trouble from Mr. Fisher.
Anyway, Gail is now a pharmacist in Iowa, making lots more money than her History professors!
And obviously, having lots of fun "Down Under."

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