Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wouldn't You Think?

 . . . that with school out, I would be posting more frequently? I don't really know what I have done with these last two weeks except laundry and some limited housework. I have been working almost every evening on a couple of projects--I will take some pictures soon and post them. I have two small afghans I am trying to work on, a large cross stitch project, and a smaller cs project.  What makes me the happiest of all is that Dear Daughter has started a new project. She is the quickest stitcher I have ever seen. She went right through a skein of Wool- ease in about an hour.  We ordered the colors she needed to complete the project, but they won't be here for a little while.  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday, but they don't sell this particular kind of worsted-wool-blend yarn. I have about decided that I love all the Lion Brand family of yarns better than any others. I have to tell you this:  many of you know, I am color blind.  I see colors, of course, just sometimes differently from how others see them. I was trying to make a list of the colors I will be using on my big Heartland yarns project. On the list, I wrote the name of the color as well as a description of the color as I saw it. I couldn't quite make out  from the pictures (online and in my Herrschners' catalog) if the color belonged to the green or blue family. I sent an email to their customer service site, and do you know they answered me? It was great!  The CS rep said, "it is a denim-like blue."  She told me to ask anytime!  I was tickled. 

School starts back at TMU on June 2--isn't that strange? I think that is a Friday. I am very happy to have summer classes; I have 2 traditional classes, Latin 3 and Latin 4, and then PO 101 online. I keep thinking they are going to replace my lectures, but so far they haven't.  The Latin courses will be GREAT! These are serious students who have just completed LT 1 and 2 this past year.  Virginia will be taking Latin 4 in the second summer group. She had Latin 3 last summer. 

John Thomas and Virginia went with Mary Newell to a wedding yesterday. James Martin decided to stay home with us so we took him to the Varsity in Dawsonville and then we played tourist in Dahlonega. He loves to look at old albums and 45's,  JT and IV got back about 10 or 10:30. I was glad to see them get home safely, and I am glad they were able to spend some time with Mary. Her husband John was not able to go to the wedding, so I know she was glad to have the Justus clan with her on that drive.

The weather outside this morning is stormy and rainy.  I love being in Church on these kinds of days. 
Time to get lunch cooking. Hope your day is restful and quiet. More soon. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Birthday, John Thomas!

Remarkable how much he favors George Washington, isn't it?  Haha!
John Thomas is turning 23 today, and this is what he wanted for his birthday. It is a facsimile of the Gilbert Stuart painting. I was able to get a nice, framed version from for a very reasonable price. I am tickled! Today promises to be a full day, but a happy one--we have our normal morning services and then the "3rd Sunday Sing" with the Habersham Choir.  When we host that monthly sing as we shall today, we don't have our evening services. So, after singing for an hour or two, we will all go to John Thomas' favorite Chinese restaurant in Buford.  He has a heavy work schedule at the Chicken House this coming week, so this might be our best chance to spend time together as a family. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Book Reader

The Pastor is happy as I type this--he is seated in his chair with a lap full of books.  We have had to switch textbooks for our survey classes because the texts we have been using are moving so far left.  To find books using the traditional BC/AD demarcations of time has grown increasingly difficult (and no matter what you label the timeline, it is still founded on the life of our Savior).  We want to write our own for the University's use--almost like a lab manual--but that will probably be NEXT year. Hubby has been reading a lot this week, and I think it helps his blood pressure as much as anything he gets from the doctor. We have had lots to do the last week or so, but things are slowing down.  My state of mind is much better with the dryer working so well. I have to choose the books for the fall term before May 30.  I am keeping some old favorites, but starting new with some other titles.  My students in the History of The American Revolution and Early Federal Era course have had to read a wonderful book by David Hackett Fischer called Paul Revere's Ride.  Dr. Fischer gives us a wonderful account of Revere's life, background and contributions to the overall war effort in addition to that fateful "Ride."  The students have been required to keep a book journal wherein they write a synopsis of each chapter in a composition book.  They can write in first person, and they can write their thoughts about the chapter--it is just a means of getting them to read. Students by and large don't read much anymore. 
I think that this Fall, I will give them a list from which to choose--there won't be two reading the same book.  The variety will make reading them more fun for me!
Well, I am headed to MY chair so I can cross stitch a while before bedtime. 
Thanks for "hearing" my thoughts.
Hope your week is winding up well.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Blast from the Past Just Perfect for Today

Years ago, in the 1980's in fact, my room mate had this book. She set up a card file system like the one the Sidetracked sisters suggested. I laughed at it (good-naturedly).  Later on in married life, I bought a couple of other "how to" books for home organization. Within the last few years, I have resorted to "Fly Lady" a couple of times (she is great!),  But I don't stick with anything. If I make a list, I lose the list. As a matter of fact, I have misplaced my copy of the SHE manual pictured above.
I love a routine better than most people, but it doesn't follow, unfortunately, that I have a knack for establishing good habits regarding home care.  I just march to "the tyranny of the urgent" as Michael calls it. Over the past couple of weeks, I have worked through the book and established my own card file. I am thrilled beyond words with it.  Here is a picture:

Here is a result:

The system works, but the key will be my willingness to stick with it. 
It has helped with my Bible study, kitchen cleaning and kitchen organization. 
My cards are at this point very simple Daily tasks (yellow cards).  Once you complete the task, you move the card to the next day's slot. I made "day of the month" numbered cards. 
Pink cards are for personal things:  hair cuts, scrapbooking, etc. I am going to make one for crocheting and cross stitching. It is important to be specific. 
If I understand correctly, the "Fly Lady" (Marla Cilley) based much of her system on what Pam and Peggy had developed with the S.H.E. card file approach. 
What I like about Fly Lady is that she always says, "you're not behind-jump in where you are." 
I will keep you posted on how this works!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Slowing Down

Michael often says, and he is right, that we don't know how to slow down.  This week has been non-stop activities and grading.  We had to have the Senior grades in by Wednesday, and we have until Monday to get the remainder completed.  Today, we participated in an all-day grading of a critical thinking exam taken by our seniors.  I did it last year, and enjoyed it. Saturday is graduation, and I think that after grades are in and James Martin has walked down the steps with his degree, we will all breathe a sigh of contended relief.  I think I can get my grades finished up tomorrow.  We then have about a week before summer classes begin.  I like teaching in the summer, and the money is so helpful to the budget.  
Tuesday night, we did take sandwiches into a local park and ate our supper together there. Everything is so green and pretty. We didn't cook out like we do often; we just took our food, our books and my bag of yarn.  John Thomas was at the Chicken House, but the rest of us enjoyed ourselves.  The weather isn't terribly hot yet, and there has been a nice breeze the last week or so. 
The dryer continues to be a major miracle. I didn't realize how bad it had become until it was fixed.  
Hopefully, I can get a better grip on juggling housework, schoolwork and crafts in the next week or so. Virginia has some school work to finish up on the homeschool side--I am looking forward to doing some of that with her (Dad is in charge of math).   She will be taking the fourth semester of Latin with me over the summer. We have a nice group of five scheduled to take that course (4 in Latin 3).  I always really enjoy those classes.
Looking forward to sharing projects soon . . . .

Monday, May 8, 2017

HEY! Chalk One Up for the Aging Historians . . . .

I think it is going to be OK! We have had a recurring problem the last couple of years with clogged ductwork, and that was my fear about today.  A brand new dryer would have the same issue as our much-used and abused current model. Michael and I pulled it out from the wall and started the process of cleaning out all of the piping. M and the boys went into the basement and continued pulling apart the ducts.  They were full of stuff.  M thinks that there an abandoned nest at the opening started the problem up again. I am faithful in cleaning out the lint tray, so I knew there had to be something else going on.  We have had this same situation before.
The couple pictured above are Will and Ariel Durant, a couple of historians who wrote the history of EVERYTHING. I wonder if they ever fixed their dryer?
Anyway, the dryer is working LIKE NEW now, and I couldn't be happier.