Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pass the Dictionary, Please

This lovely stock photo caught my eye as I was thinking about this post.  The world of stitching has so many innovations, notions, and names for everything. Watching all of the YouTube videos has been very instructive with the new needlework vernacular:

WIP--Work in Progress. The stitchers speak a lot about their "WIPs." There is quite a bit of discussion about how many WIPs they keep going at one time. Actually, that is a good thing to think about--my problem is starting and not finishing.  It's almost to the point that I see it as a significant character flaw on my part, and I am working in earnest on it. Most say they keep 3 or 4 going at one time. I think two would be my best approach. Two crochet projects and two stitching projects. That allows for some flexibility without getting too far off the trail to completion of something.

UFOs  I think this refers to "Unfinished Objects (projects) that may have long been WIPs before they were set aside and forgotten.

Stash:   This must refer to all of the "stuff" collected for future use--floss, fabric, but probably mostly, patterns. Most likely,  we are all known for our stashes. I am thankful for a patient hubby.

Haul:  Acquisitions of significant quantity--perhaps a "lot" sale of patterns or floss on Ebay or Etsy.  I have seen several who inherit the "stashes" from a family member.

My very favorite of all the new nomenclature is this one:


"Bobbinate" refers to putting your floss on the paper or plastic bobbins in order to more easily manage them.  When I first heard it from a really funny young lady in her video, I laughed out loud. I was certain this was a term she coined, but I have since heard it from others.  I still laugh. I don't think most of us really enjoy the time spent to bobbinate, but it does make a profound difference when you're stitching a huge project with eleventy-eleven colors. 

I am also impressed with some of the stands I am seeing, and all the accessories added to them to hold floss, lights, magnifying glasses, and the like. There is also a new industry arising from the making of smaller accessories--covers for your hoops, frames and Q-snaps, "needle minders"--pretty little magnets to help you keep your needle in place (as opposed to just sticking it in the fabric like I have always done), and also scissor-keeps. I really need something like that.  It is almost like a lanyard you attach to your scissors. That would be very helpful with the little embroidery sized scissors that I use. Etsy is full of all of these things, and I have enjoyed looking at them recently.  A couple of us in the family have had the flu--we think it is really the flu--and I have barely felt like moving. I did get some stitching done and some browsing on the internet. We are on the mend, but this will keep us home this Thanksgiving rather than our annual trip to Hubby's family in another state.  I think we are going to venture out to the grocery store to see what is left on the shelves for our dinner tomorrow. 
I will try to post tomorrow to share Thanksgiving thoughts. 
Wishing you all a wonderful week's end.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Thoughts

No, this isn't one of my WIP's--oh, but that it were!
It is a stock photo of a Paula Vaughan picture worked on linen. 
I have found a YouTube channel Country Tapestry where the hostess makes some wonderful projects and shares them.  She made the statement that once she started working with linen, she never looked back.  I would love to work with linen, but have never had any luck with it. So many stitchers have said the same thing as Mrs. Country Tapestry--they love working on linen.  I think most of the Paula patterns are ideally worked on linen.  What is the advantage?  There must be something about that fabric? The Aida cloth has been my go-to fabric forever. Just the sound of  "28-count" and "32 count" sends me running for the hills . . . .

These videos are a great source of encouragement and excellent resources for learning new skills.  
I feel like I talk and write more about crocheting and cross stitching than I actually do them! LOL!
But, I am trying to do more!

If you have a crafting skill, think about how you acquired that skill? Was it from a family member? A friend? Are you able to share this skill with someone? You just never know how you might change someone's life--I have a list of those who have helped me over the years, and I want to do a post as a tribute one day soon.  Included in that list would be you-tubers who have shared their tips. I posted some time ago about how my daughter and a you tube video helped me to correct a crocheting error I made for YEARS!  The video (and dear daughter) were life changing in their help. 
Never underestimate your ability to encourage someone in a skill that just might bring them hours of joy!
Hope you have a great week.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Some Links and an Update

Stoney Creek Cross Stitch

One of my favorite cross stitch companies is Stoney Creek. They have made some of the most beautiful patterns over the years that I have been cross stitching (since 1984 or 85). Their patterns are not too difficult, but not the easiest to do, either.  Stoney Creek and Sudberry House had some of the earliest patterns I remember--Leisure Arts became the "big-kid-on-the-block" with their beautiful color charts.  I think Paula Vaughan's patterns bolstered Leisure Arts' line of patterns even more. 
Stoney Creek patterns are as of this posting on sale at Everything Cross Stitch.  I have found that this company is reliable and honest.  Their sister company, Patterns Online, also has some Stoney Creek patterns for instant download (but I don't think they're on sale there). 
The patterns are fun to browse even if you don't plan on buying one to work on.  Looking at them takes me back!  
Today has been a great day.  I have watched Gunsmoke much of the day and worked on the Christmas pattern:

This pattern is not Stoney Creek--it is from Ohio-based Imaginating. Their patterns are also quite nice and straightforward. I am wondering if they are not directly affiliated with the two companies I have linked above--if you look at their webpage, it looks a lot like Everything Cross Stitch and Patterns Online. Here is the link to Imaginating .
I am looking forward to the upcoming week for rest and catching up on a little of everything-housework, grading, cooking, and just being with each other. We have all been so scattered--it will be good to be together!
Hope your weekend is going well!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This sweet little project should have taken just a couple of weeks, but leave it to me to drag it out much longer. I have enjoyed every stitch.
Looking forward to working on  Christmas projects now. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Good Morning

My camera doesn't capture the colors as well as I would like--it is not the camera's fault!
As my father-in-law would say, it is "operator trouble."  Having said that, here is a little snapshot of fall's departure here in our part of Georgia.  This is from our front yard. The sunrise was so beautiful--it truly cast a rosy glow on everything.

The project is inching (really, 1/2 inching) along. I am really enjoying this, and I will even more as I get to some of the other colors soon. 

I love the notebook method of everything . . . we used this a lot in homeschooling; I keep all of my class notes for each course I teach at the college in notebooks. I even made one for contact information (I think many people call those 'address books' --lol))  Anyway, I have been working to organize my projects, in an attempt to help reign in and organize my time spent on them.  I have a smaller journal  to log  the start and finish dates on projects as well as the colors and tools used. This is so helpful especially with crochet projects--which yarn colors exactly and which hooks were used.  If I put a project down for a while, it is too easy to forget which hook size was used and I can't measure gauge with just my eyes.  Anyway, I have this pretty pink binder for projects where I have printed copies of patterns from online purchases.  For many years,I have perused Patterns Online
and Everything Cross Stitch, and  purchased several.  So, this will be a good way to keep them better in hand. I also have some free printed patterns from Ravelry. If you like Paula Vaughan, check out some of her patterns at Paula Vaughan Patterns  Be careful when searching Mrs. Vaughan as there is another Paula Vaughan out there that is NOT who you want to find!

Well, time to get ready for Church. Our house guest is going with us before he heads back home. He has been a blessing to the family this weekend.
Hope you enjoy some rest on this blessed day.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Readying for Company

Just a quick hello to my friends together with apologies for having been out of touch. This has truly been one of the busiest and most challenging weeks!  Phew!  On a positive note, the boys are having a friend from the History department come stay with us for a couple of days. They are going to enjoy the Homecoming festivities from the vantage point of Alumni this weekend. George has been a great student and friend to all of us, and we are all excited about seeing him.

I have been trying to get the house in order (or as close as can be) for George's arrival.  When I find myself getting overwhelmed with thoughts of the big jobs, I will do something small to get a little encouragement. I cleaned out the drawer net to the sink and put in some new dishcloths (we are always running out of those things!). I cleaned the house last night with the two Eden's Garden essential oils you see there, sweet orange and lemon.  I have also found a trick from Pinterest to help keep the trash can smelling better:  drop into the bottom of the can (under the bag) a cotton ball on which you have sprinkled a few drops of Tea Tree and lemon oils. You can use anything with the tea tree, but it is really the key to that clean smell. If you have any mold or mildew growing in your vents, bathroom, or other damp places, sprinkle a little tea tree oil into a bucket of warm water. The tea tree will not only clean, but also kill the mold.  It really does work. It is a strong oil, so do be cautious in how much you use.
I also cleaned out the boys' bathroom last night. I had on the top shelf of their closet quite  a few dated cleaning products. I made the decision (and felt good about it) to get rid of all of them. I am trying to move more toward the gentler cleaning aids as well as more natural cleaners (vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc).  I use a variety of things now from the Method Company and from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. Mrs Meyers makes two cleaning products that I love beyond description-
These are great for tubs, sinks, door facings, counters. The smell is so wonderful (Lemon verbena). 
I like the Method brand of cleaners too, especially the glass cleaner
It has such a clean, minty smell. 
These products run a little more than what you might find on the shelves at Dollar General, but not much more.  I also feel much better about using them around the house. You can find them almost anywhere--many grocery stores now carry these types of products. Don't get me wrong, I still keep a gallon of bleach in the house, but I save it for the big jobs. 
I am hoping tonight to take a seat in the green chair, listen to the boys laugh and cut up (playing their video games) and do some cross stitching. 
Hope your weekend is a restful one . . .

Monday, November 6, 2017

Time for a Few Stitches . . .

What a day so far today!  I woke up super early, and this was a gift from the Lord! I popped up and got the day started, which was a major help.
Last night before I went to sleep, I did a few stitches on the basket and then took a quick shot for the blog update.  These colors are so easy for me to see, and the chart is very easy to read. 
One more class for today and then home to work and get supper ready.  I hope to sit and stitch a little before bedtime.  I am actually looking forward to the back stitching as I think it will be easy and add a lot to the picture. 
Have a great day!