Sunday, July 23, 2017

Random Thoughts as Summer Winds Down

The summer is winding down here at our house, and thought I would share some random thoughts:

 Everyone is working hard at their jobs, and I think they are looking forward to getting back to the books. Dear Son 2  doesn't start back until January, but I am hoping he will want to take a class at the college in the Fall term. He wanted to take a class in world religions that he didn't get to because of scheduling issues. This fall might be a good time to pick up that course. I know Dr. P would be glad to have in class again.  He also wants to sing in the community choir, and that is great. Dear Son 1 has kept the Greek going with a small group and the Greek prof at the college over the summer. He has really enjoyed that. The other students in the course are close friends, and they all enjoy working through the Scripture together. I am hoping he will come back the choir as well.  Virginia has kept the Latin going with me and our group over the summer.She has spent the summer teaching in music camps.  She has also been able to do quite a few really neat things with some of her friends. She has taken on the task of making the skirts for the bridesmaids in a friend's wedding. Thanks to Bethany and Miss Jennifer for entertaining questions about how to deal with tension issues on the sewing machine. More on that in another post.  So our brains haven't gone too far away on vacation.

M and I have kept up with our summer teaching load fairly well. My online students have really been wonderful. I loved the (traditional classroom)  Latin, especially in this second semester when we are getting to some tougher lessons.( I say "second semester" but it is really the 4th semester of the course, just the "second of the summer). We will be having our final this week. I think they are ready for it. 
The end of the summer is here, and as always, I haven't done as much as I had wanted to around the house and with my cross stitching, in particular.  The boys are having a friend stay with us later in the week, so the housework will get done.  I have to get my office in order.  I just need a good day to do that.
Last night, I stitched on another row of the 8 squares onto the afghan. It would be nice to finish this before the fall term begins.  I have some Christmas projects I need to get started on.

We are all looking forward to cooler weather here. The temps have really climbed the last week or so. We have had lots of rain, and that is GREAT!  I wonder what kind of winter we will have? We need one to take care of some of the bugs!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer and staying cool!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Some Housework Victories

Yesterday, I was able to spend much of the day in our room, deep cleaning and straightening.
I am so pleased with the result.  

I wish you could see the detail better here. The light is so pretty coming in from the window. The yarn box to the left of the chair is my the one mentioned in a previous post. I love it!  If you click on to the pictures, you will see a large presentation.

I always have to post a picture with the painting above. It is one of my two favorites in the house. 

Here is a picture for my friend Sandra.  She sent me this lovely magazine.  The yarn box seems the perfect place to display it. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Pretty Good Day for the Family

Sunday night, when we were leaving Church (and we were the last ones to head out), the van wouldn't start. We had just had some brake work done; when M pushed the brake down to start the engine, it wouldn't go all the way down. We were able to drive the Church van home. Michael made arrangements with the towing service associated with our service contract to meet him at the Church yesterday. He always gets really discouraged with car issues, and he does a great job trying to stay on top of keeping the vehicles serviced. This situation was really odd. Well, the car started for this gentleman, and M and James Martin went right to the dealership. The mechanic there was really nice, and said he had seen the problem before--the best remedy was to open the hood and give this little box under there "a good whack." I was floored. He said they couldn't fix it until it did the same problem again. Go figure! M left without any out-of-pocket expenses and he is poised to "whack" that little box when necessary.

I had a good teaching morning, which I really appreciated. When I got home, Virginia asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her. I didn't have to think twice--there is always lots to do, but I COULD take the time yesterday, and that's what we did. She is helping me learn the stitch of her latest afghan. She said she is ready to make a new quilt. I was thrilled beyond measure.

I have some family in North Carolina that I have been invited to go see, so we are making some plans to do that. This will be wonderful.I was sent a family picture that will always be one of the great treasures of my life.  There are no words to describe the wonder and miracle of this situation. God is so good. 

We were all able to eat supper around the table together last night.  That was really great.
We have five people in the house and about 10 schedules, so these evenings are ever the more special. 

The morning  started out with the weight of quite a few burdens on our shoulders; Someone helped us all through the day . . .

Sunday, June 25, 2017

She's Home

This year, Virginia opted to stay with the younger kids as a sponsor/teacher rather than take the trip to Pittsburgh with the youth choir.  I think she made the right choice.  She was able to see and do those things that make the camps really work--the behind-the-scenes "Martha" work. She hopes to serve the Lord with Georgia Baptist Music in some capacity, and this summer was an important step.
By the end of the week she was exhausted from not only the music but from taking care of her charges--coaxing kids to eat at meals, checking on where they were, making sure all were in bed at the right time, wiping away LOTS of homesick tears on many faces . . . .  all of these things have to be done every year. We were supposed to go get her a little after 12:00. She called early, crying, asking us to come on (we couldn't get there before 11:00 but I will say the Pastor drove as fast as I have seen him in almost 27 years of knowing him). She had had enough. By the time we got there, the tears were gone, and she was talking about next year. 
She sent me a picture I just love-

She was able to see the "other side" of camp,  She had a week of music/drama camp (just evenings) at another church here in town then this camp in Toccoa. I am encouraged that with all that, she is not discouraged from what she feels is her calling. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Time for . . .

some cross stitching. I haven't sat down with it for several days.  I have been getting up really early--back on the school year schedule, and my late night stitching has come to a halt.   
I would REALLY like to finish something this week--hopefully the coaster.

Last night, we had a particularly great night in Bible Study.  We all sit in the choir loft with our Bibles, and Michael leads us through a passage--it is not a sermon as such--everyone reads from their Bibles and comments.  
Afterwards last night, Mrs. Donna gave me this cross stitch pattern-

It is beautiful.  The stitches are fairly easy with the exception of His face--there are quite a few half-stitches there. I look forward to doing this one. 

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs, with the downs being far outnumbered.  There were many prayers answered. I am so grateful.
We are headed back to Church this morning for our monthly food distribution. 
I will post some pics within the next day or so.
Hope your day is wonderful!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Promised Updates

I have been promising updates, so here are a couple . . .

This beautiful afghan pictured above is Virginia's latest--it is going to be a wedding present for a couple at the College. She has a little finishing work to do, but she let me go ahead and take the picture. The colors are much richer than the photo reveals--the color that looks gray-ish is actually a beautiful spa-blue. She is going to teach me the stitch--she says it is easy, but her definition of "easy" is often miles apart from mine!

I am enjoying this project more than I was initially. It is the Herrschners' 2-ply yarn. I am also working on a  project with worsted that feels like "bulky" yarn because of how I've grown accustomed to the 2-ply.  This project will be finished when the yarn runs out--it is just going to be a throw for a chair John Thomas has in his room. 

We had a special meal at Church Sunday, and these flowers were on every table. We were allowed to bring some home, so Virginia and I each have a bunch for our rooms. 

Hope your day is going beautifully. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I am hoping to post soon with some pictures of the projects we are working on. Virginia has just completed a beautiful afghan for some friends who are getting married in the summer. She made it out of several colors from the Wool-Ease family. I hope she will pick up something else pretty quickly. She has music camp responsibilities over the next two weeks. She has a granny ripple I would like to see her finish.

I am still working on the following:
1. The pansy coasters.  If I can finish two over the summer, I will be thrilled. The first one is almost done. There are four in the pattern.
2. a granny square afghan with an olive green and light blue theme.I have had this one going for a long time.
3. A Paula Vaughan cross stitch pattern that has overwhelmed me.
4. The Herrschner's 2-ply throw for John Thomas' chair in his room.
5. Another granny square using all of the Lion Brand Heartland colors. 
I also have a box full of squares that just need to be sewn together. 
Maybe this week, I can zero in on one of the projects and finish it up (probably not the Paula Vaughan!)
Hope your week is off to a good start.