Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Moving Slowly

I appreciate the fact that I can see the actual wedding ring design taking shape at last.  I think the most difficult of the stitching is done (with the exception of the backstitching).  Today, we had to go out of town, and I was able to do some stitching in my co-pilot seat.  I may get a little more done tonight before I go to bed. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Treasures All Over Again

These are the Paula Vaughan cross stitch pictures I mentioned in the comments.  Aren't they beautiful? I paid so little for these, especially in light of the work and love that went into them.
But here they are treasured all over again! Yes, it would be so interesting to know their "story"--who stitched them? Which rooms of the home did they adorn?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Inching Along

There are so many life lessons in God's wonderful Creation. Last night, after a day of really intense house and yard work AND Church responsibilities, we went to the park for supper.  It is still cool enough that you need a long sleeve shirt when you're in the shade. The Grillmaster decided that we could just get some hamburgers and take them rather than cooking out as we usually do.  I can't blame him--he did as much yard work as he could.  We have had lots of rain, and he and our oldest have to grab any chance when the grass is dry. Virginia saw this little fellow inching along on the table. He was wonderful to watch. 
He encouraged me to keep inching along on the home projects I have rather than getting discouraged by a big picture. Michael and JT have faced the same with the yardwork. I did finish the game closet yesterday and put a few finishing touches on the linen closet.  Our hallway looks great, and I will take pics of that soon. Here are the closets:

The cat is one of James Martin's old toys from a PBS show called "Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat." She will watch out for any mice that  may come in, I dare say.

These are pics of our game closet.  I went through everything and found lots of things to give away. Our kids are very close to a family with about 12 kids who have all been homeschooled and raised with the same nerdiness we have.  I had some puzzles and things that I sent to two of the sisters (they were to go through the boxes to see what they wanted to keep and then send them on to their Mom and the rest of the kids at home). John Thomas went over to their house for a birthday party they had for him (He is friends with them and their respective husbands). He said by the time he left, they had already put together some of the puzzles and were gluing one to frame.  Sounds just like our family.  In any case, this has been great--getting the closet squared away.

In the Christmas tins are our marbles for Chinese checkers (just about my favorite game ever).  Last night, I took Bingo, UNO, and Yahtzee to the park with us.  My Aunt Sherry taught me how to play Yahtzee back in the 70's.  I remember that I loved playing it, and that time with her is a sweet memory.  But I had completely forgotten how to play.  We took our box last night and Michael helped me sort out the rules.  We had so much fun.  I lost both rounds, but I know I had the most fun!!!!!!

Today we back at Church to help with a service there.  Tomorrow should be another day at home, inching along at the tasks in front of us.
Wishing you an encouraged day!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


This has been a good week at home working through some projects.  Here is a picture of the big linen closet that has been in major disarray since we moved here. Now it is organized with all of the kids' linens, spreads and throws.  I washed some spare pillows, which really made me feel good.  I think Virginia wants to have one of her friends over next week, so we are making good progress in getting ready.

This picture is of my Mother's Day roses.  I split the bouquet into two different mason jars. This is the one in the bedroom 
. This one below is in the dining room. 

They are nearing the end of their run, but I have loved them. Virginia picked them out.

My little Tuxedo cat, Wilbur, has been a good companion today. He is helping me now--

Hope your week is going well!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A nice week

This has been a really good week--busy, but not overwhelming.  We attended a graduation service Friday for one of Virginia's close friends (a private school a little ways down the road). This was a good thing for everyone.  The spring term at the university is now in the books, too.  We have been able to spend some time cleaning and cleaning out, and I haven't had a lot of time for stitching.  I have just been too tired at the end of the day (but a good tired!) I was able to work a little last night, and it felt great!! 

I made some progress on the right part of the basket and the greens and pinks coming up from it.  I actually had a couple of colors not in my box, so I went through and reorganized the box and made sure I got everything that was missing,  Having the box in good working order has helped. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Slow Going but Going

I haven't missed many evenings working on this project, and it is really taking on its character.  However, it is slow moving indeed.  I have a lot of trouble with some of the colors--the peachy pinks for the most part on this pattern. I think that once I can move out of the flowers on the right, I will be good.  The browns are not a picnic either, but I can work with them. The semester's classes are over but now time for grades and graduation.

All the kids have finished their school work and are working at their jobs. We had 4 home for supper Monday night.  I had two small steaks in the freezer--Michael fixed them by cutting both in half and preparing them on the George Foreman thingy we have. It was truly a proper supper.

The vegetables you see are Virginia's favorite combination: asparagus, brussel sprouts, and red onions sauteed in olive oil with some bacon crumbled on top for good measure.  It lifted everyone's spirits.

I am hoping to get a schedule this summer where I am not folding laundry at 10:30 and stitching at 11:00.  It would be so lovely to sit in the morning window with my work.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Restful Moments

I have some new pictures to post once I have time to sit down long enough to gather my thoughts. We are at the end of finals week with grading still ahead.  Some of the pressure is abating, but not all.  Helping me manage my time (and sanity) are the "bookends" that anchor either side of the day--Bible reading and study in the morning and cross stitching at night.  Saturday night, I finally sat down about 10-ish to stitch.  I had been watching an older program from the 80's and 90's, Unsolved Mysteries. This version still has the wonderful Robert Stack.  But I  turned it off to listen to BBN for a little bit, and their programming really brought rest to my spirit.  They play the hymns and feature the programming (Tinyburg Tales!) that we need in these awfully discouraging times.  
I hope to post some updates on the Wedding Ring Bouquet soon.