Monday, March 27, 2017

She's On Her Way Home!

Virginia left on the Chorale/3:16 Ensemble tour on Friday afternoon. It seems like a month ago that she left. 
She was able to see a dear friend from summer music camp, Becky:

Hoping she will get in before the storms hit us here.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Quilt from Home

This picture is for my friend, Sandra. I posted it way back when Virginia and I did some painting in the house.  This quilt was made for Michael and "his wife' way before he was even married! It was made by a family friend, Miss Susie Gibson.  She chose to live without electricity so her sewing was by hand or on a treadle machine. Susie was a tough mountain woman, but she loved the Lord and she was a dear friend to the family. I am pretty sure she was a cousin on his mother's side. Michael always tells me that Susie read more of his books than he did: she was like Ima Jean (Michael's mother) in that her formal education ended quite early, but she had more real "smarts" than many who continued on much further.  When Michael's mother was sick, Susie helped look after her when Pa was at work.
 She also made a "Sunbonnet Sue" quilt that hung in the children's room when they were each babies. I am hoping it will pass on through our grandchildren as well. 

Afghan Update

Here is the latest update; I am enjoying the greens, and this olive is just beautiful.
I abandoned the lightest green after trying it on a round. It just didn't look right--lovely color, but not a good blend like the lightest aqua. 
Today has been a pretty good day, but the house is a little quiet.
John Thomas is at Chick-fil-A, Virginia is gone with the Chorale until Monday.
Michael and James Martin got some yard work done before all the yellow jackets start coming back to town. I worked in the house and did some grading. 
Looking forward to getting back to the afghan tonight.
Hope your day was a restful and/or productive one. 

Friday, March 24, 2017


In my Modern Europe class of mostly Seniors, I posed a question today in the context of our discussion of the Encyclopaedist,  Denis Diderot. He took over an abandoned project and created a multi-volume encyclopedia which was embraced by a large portion of scholars and would-be scholars in Western Europe and the American colonies (Jefferson and Franklin had their own set!). This was not entirely good because unfortunately, these volumes were very heavy handed with regard to anti-religious themes--viewpoints presented as fact.  Hmmm, we see that today!
Anyway, I tried to tell my doodles how much impact this had, particularly as publication prices fell (owing to cheaper paper and binding methods).
To make my point, I asked them about their own use of Encyclopedia. I asked the question, 
"how many of you have a set of encyclopedia at home?"  One hand went up. My friend Janice knows to whom that hand belonged!  Our youngest son!
I WAS STUNNED! They thought I was crazy.
I then had to recount how my parents sacrificially (and I do mean they couldn't come near affording those) bought a set for me to use for my schoolwork. They blessed all of us.
We bought copies of old editions for our kids, and they (the encyclopedia) changed their lives.
John Thomas' most cherished possession is his set of green and blue ones that were pretty close to free to us:

(This is a stock photo--his are downstairs in the bookshelf next to his bed. He still loves them and looks at them all the time.
When we first started homeschooling, we were able to get a new set of World Book together with a set of Britannica AND a full set of "The Great Books."  Other than the piano, we have never bought anything that meant so much to our family. We paid on them a long time. At one of the first  homeschool conventions we attended, they had a great special, and now I understand that this was one of the last years they were making the printed editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica.  We have all used these volumes over the last 11 years.  I use them all the time in lecture preparation checking names, dates, events.  
I don't understand how students today find the same satisfaction in "Googling."  I don't want to understand this at all.  I have blogged on this topic before in my homeschool blog, but I just had to get it off my chest today given the conversation we had in class. 
Older volumes tend to be better, I think. You can find them in used book stores or sales of "Friends of the Library." One of my greatest treasures is an older (very) set of Childcraft. I used to check those out at the library every week when I was a little girl (especially the craft and fairy-tale volumes). 
I am not disparaging my students in any way. They are a great group, and they seem to love learning. 
I feel more and more like a graying anachronism, but I am not ready for the Clairol just yet!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wake Me When the Storm is Over

We have had about a solid hour of thunder, not too close, but close enough to rattle the windows and 
 . . . to upset Mamie.
Mamie is our dachshund. This is an old picture, but it represents where she would like to be.  The storm has really unnerved her. She has been pacing back and forth and wants to be where she can see me. She sat on my lap for a while (she is a standard doxie, so it represents a lap full). She is usually so calm and easy going. None of the other dogs seem to be bothered by anything other than their empty food dish.

Daddy (Michael) just drove in--I will see if he wants to recreate this picture while I fix supper.

We are getting quite a bit of hail now.  Two of the kids are away from home. Virginia has an evening class, and John Thomas is at work.  I called Virginia, and she is in the chapel.  She said she had been getting all the alerts on her phone.
I will feel good when everyone is back at home.

The white stuff on the ground is hail.  I took some more pics just a minute ago.  There is now a strange fog, and the temp is dropping. The temps had really been up today--I think Atlanta was supposed to have been near 80.  Not quite that warm here, but Michael remarked at lunch how warm it felt. Now we can see why.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gail and Friends

This is the beautiful Soft Secret color I mentioned in the first video. Our student, Miss Gail, made this afghan for a newborn. She also made one for Virginia 18 years ago--I will take a photo of it and add to this post when I can.  Anway, Gail had some help in completing the project.

Gail is now visiting another student and her family down in Australia.  I think Carolyn has had a baby recently. I don't know if the afghan is for her baby or not. I will ask.  Gail is having the time of her life. Just look at this picture!

Gail, Heather, and Carolyn were among the nicest of students.  They made my time there in Missouri so much fun. One of my classes was on the Civil War and Reconstruction Era.  
There was a gentleman in the class named "Mr. Fisher." Mr. Fisher was much older than I was, and he was auditing the course. He was what is known as an "arm chair historian," and he knew quite a bit about the war.  He would always correct me and interrupt with questions. I was losing my mind. One day, I asked him a question, thinking (HONESTLY!) that he would have a chance to shine and leave me alone. I had unwittingly happened upon probably the ONE thing he DIDN'T know. He said,
"I am just hear to listen and not to participate in discussions."  Everyone knew he had been caught
with something he did not know.
Hee hee
I didn't have any more trouble from Mr. Fisher.
Anyway, Gail is now a pharmacist in Iowa, making lots more money than her History professors!
And obviously, having lots of fun "Down Under."

What Time Is It?


This time change always throws me for a loop. The one in which we gain an hour of sleep is almost not worth it,  having this Spring Forward headache just a couple of months later. If Congress should ever call me and ask me my thoughts, I would say,

Leave the Time Alone! It changes itself quite nicely.

It seems so LATE all the time.  Michael and I keep trying to set back our bedtime, but we can't ever get to bed before 11:00 which is now really 12:00 am our body time.  5:00 rolls around pretty fast. I  was at the point that I would start waking up on my own at 5:00-ish, but now the alarm shatters my psyche going off an hour before my brain wakes up.