Friday, February 16, 2018

Projects Beyond Me?

I spent a few minutes today looking for horse patterns for my students interested in cross stitching.  I looked at a couple of others that are overwhelming in their beauty and difficult.  The first one is pictured above, and it is called "Passing By." Our boys love (note the tense) Thomas the Tank Engine as it was written by the Rev. W. Awdry.  The boys were both with us on our semester-long stay in England many years ago (James Martin was "on the way").  We took John Thomas everywhere with us even though he was less than a year old. I think this trip began a life-long love of trains for him.  We saw some many train stations like this one--they seemed to be impervious to any passage of time. James Martin loves trains just as much, in particular those residing on The Island of Sodor.  Many of the beautiful illustrations resemble this scene. The pattern, fabric, and thread costs a little less than $90 from my favorite vendor, Everything Cross Stitch

I also found this one:

It too, seems to represent a lifetime project.  The cost is comparable to the one pictured above. Could I do these? The train would be for James Martin, and the Bible for John Thomas. He has found so much joy in learning to translate the Scripture.  I think it has surprised him how much he has fallen in love with learning about the original languages of Scripture AND the English traditions.  

I have ordered the patterns but NOT the thread or fabric (too much to spend right now).  But I can look at the patterns to see whether I can do them or not. Wouldn't they be great graduation gifts when they finish grad school?  
I know I can shop around and catch some sales on fabric and floss, but do I have the character and perseverance to complete them?  I don't think the stitching is that hard--it is just what they call now, the "full coverage." I will have a better idea when I have the patterns in hand. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Nice Day

Yesterday was a nice Valentine's Day for all of us.  We had a great night at Church, and Michael and I were reminded of our second date so many years ago--it was a Valentine's Banquet at my Church in Florida, and he came as my guest.  Everyone had their names put in a hat (one hat for the boys, one for the girls--of all ages!) to be chosen the King and Queen of the banquet.  Because he was a visitor, Michael was asked to pick the name from the ladies' hat--he drew my name!  The whole thing was so funny!  The Valentine "King" was a young man named John Turlington. He was about 5 then, I think.  As I type this, the Turlington family is facing such a difficult time. I would ask any reader to say a prayer for them.  Their faith in God is so great, and for many years, they set an example for me and how to live a life that honors Him. 
My years at Oak Park Baptist Church were amazing, and I miss that precious fellowship with them. I love the fellowship we have with our Church here in Georgia.  They are a precious body of Believers. There really is so much to be said for the "country Church."
As long as I am looking back, I might as well include this picture of a magazine I found on Etsy:

This was published in 1973.  I have loved looking through it!

Hope your week is going well.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Gloria and Pat

Talking with fellow stitcher Sandra, I was reminded of some of the designers from the 80's and 90's.  One of my favorite lines came from the Designers "Gloria and Pat."  I do think there were other designers in the company.  Their signature pieces seemed to have been the Precious Moments patterns.  When searching for a good picture to show Sandra, I found yet another online cross stitching source.  I think I will have to get additional employment if I keep looking. 
Anyway you can see lots of G and P patterns if you look on 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Projects Old and New

Doesn't he look like he would like to sing a sweet little song?  Today, I worked on some of his backstitching as well as some of the greenery. I am about 99% done with everything except for filling in the leaves and doing the backstitching.  You can see below some of the progress I have made on the overall picture this week. I like having the basket pretty much filled in.  There are a few more berries under Mrs. Cardinal also. I do think it will take another couple of weeks to complete this.  Then I will wash it and take it to Hobby Lobby probably to have it framed.  

The chart calls for the backstitching to ALL be done in 3371.  I have decided to do the greenery in green floss, and I may stitch around Mrs. Cardinal with a softer brown. I am still having quite a tough time with the stitching within the greenery--it is hard for me to follow the pattern. All of the light green that you see between the birds will have the darker stitching within.  Oh my! 

This picture is of a new afghan I am working on using the Lion Brand Heartland yarns.  I am happy to be crocheting more again. This is the simple alternating sc/dc stitches.  I like this very much.  Virginia made one that I played around with that is very similar, but it is a pattern of 2 dc and 1 dc in a stitch.  

On Deck--these are some cross stitching projects I would like to do once the Cardinal basket is finished:

This pattern is part of a Riolis kit.  This company is from Russia, and their patterns are so pretty!  Hobby Lobby, Herrschners, and Everything Cross Stitch all carry these patterns.  I love the colors in this one, but mostly the sentiment (I do have a soft spot for chickens and ducks, too).

I had a friend in college who made this, and I always think about her stitching it--it was her first cross stitch project.  She never used a hoop!  Can you imagine? She did a beautiful job, had it framed and gave it to someone who was struggling in his life.   I have done a Footprints project before but not this one. 

One of my sisters-in-law  loves daisies.  AND her birthday is in July! When I saw this on Everything Cross Stitch, I had to order it.  I ordered an aqua (pastel) 14-count Aida to stitch it on.  I also might change the lettering to a nicer light teal or dark aqua.  That black (or it may be 3371!) is just too stark.
I have some smaller projects --my pansy coasters and my Mrs. Tittlemouse would be pretty easy to get going quickly.  I think a lot about a way to plan out what I am doing, but then spend more time thinking about then doing it! But after the cardinal picture is completed, I thought about keeping two going at a time--a larger project and a smaller project.  I would classify the daisies as a "larger" but it shouldn't take as long as the cardinal basket.  After the daisies are done, I could start the hen.  There's a bit of a time push since July really will be here soon!  
Thinking about all these things is a lot of fun. 
Hope you all have had a good weekend. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Comin' 'Round the Bend

I have been working this week on the right top side of the basket, and it is so challenging! How many times have I said to you all that this is an easy pattern? It is for most people, but I have struggled with this section for some reason.  The top band of the basket on the right is really pretty, but it is a challenge for these old eyes. I think once I get that top band done, I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.  
As I type this, I am keeping an eye on the clock--it is almost time to get ready for Church. I have put a beautiful roast in the crock pot, and made the tea for everybody.  One day I am going to do a post on iced tea in our family!  
This week at school has been a full one--we actually made it through the entire week without an eclipse, hurricane, or blizzard.  BUT the flu is ravaging our faculty population.  Hubby has been ill with bronchitis and now pneumonia, but I think today he is really showing signs of feeling better.  
Here is something I want to throw out there--my friends Janice and Linda will remember this from years back:  DMC has a mentoring program to encourage stitchers to teach the next generation of stitchers the craft.  I had a group of girls several years ago do this, and there were some complications that made it all a little difficult.  I thought I would never do that again.  But, I have a couple of girls this semester that I know because they are my advisees and they are History students.  They expressed interest in learning.  I don't have a lot of time, but neither am I in a situation where doing this would take time away from my family because they are all doing their thing.  Last time I did this, I brought Virginia along with me.  I think it would just be getting together here and there.  It is important to keep the line between student and teacher clearly drawn, but I also think these girls are worth the investment.  One has lost her mother in the last couple of years, and the other is close to her mom, but she lives far from the college.  
We'll see.  I had better get going for now . . . 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

You Can Never Have Too Many Cardinals

Finding a lovelier winter scene would be hard to do! Isn't this a beautiful card? We received this in the mail a couple of days ago, postmarked "13 December." This is from our friends Miss Janice and Grandma Linda.  Thank you both for this beautiful card. It came at a perfect time.

I wish I could affix it onto the project-

Seems to fit right in, doesn't it?
I am working now on the basket itself mostly.  If I could finish those rows this week, wouldn't that be great? The greenery is what is going to take a long time.  There is quite a bit of the lighter green with the darker backstitching on top.  Then I need to figure out the best way to wash it.  I bought an inexpensive product from the Stone Creek web site called the "Ultimate Pressing Cloth." When I find my mouse, I will add a link to the product.  It calls for washing the project then putting it in the cloth the absorb some of the moisture and then ironing it face down on the cloth. I am always nervous about washing and ironing these things.  We are still a little ways away from this part of the process, though. My new goal is February 8.  
Time to close for now and get ready for Church. Hope you all have a wonderful day!